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Man befriended the cat many centuries ago. Initially it was because they were skilled at hunting rodents but down the years the bond between humans and felines has become stronger. They make ideal pets because they are relatively low-maintenance.

“When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?” – Montaigne

We have two cats, a pedigree Blue Persian called ‘Furby’ and a black and white moggy called ‘Gizmo’ I can’t remember when they first started sleeping on our bed at night but at times it can be a real pain.

In fairness Furby isn’t that much trouble but for a small cat even he takes up a lot of room when he stretches out and my wife refuses to move him an inch insisting that he gets a good nights sleep! (What about me?)

Furthermore, he is prone to snoring. Again the sound he makes is totally disproportionate to his size. If I snore my wife unceremoniously digs me in the ribs until I stop but if Furby snores she just coos and says how cute he is.

Gizmo, the moggy is far bigger and although he is a tad overweight he is a powerful cat and at night time he can be a real handful. As soon as we go to bed he will jump up and lie on my chest. I stroke him and he purrs incessantly.

The problems arise when I stop stroking him, he doesn’t like this and he will paw my face in order to make me start again. His pawing regularly draws  blood! but shouting at Gizzy has little effect, he doesn’t like being told off but still it doesn’t deter him.

“After scolding one’s cat one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for future reference.”- Charlotte Gray

After being pushed onto the floor for lacerating my face he will wait a while and then try his luck again. Whenever I wake up his face is always less than six inches away from mine and as soon as he realises I’m awake he starts to purr.

If I get up during the night when I return he kindly vacates my place and goes and stands on the bedside table, he allows me to get back into bed and then comes and lies next to me again.

This may or may not sound cute and most of the time I don’t mind but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of space.

we recently re furbished our bedroom and decided to invest in a king-sized bed. Problem solved we thought. No chance, we still seem to sleep with minimal space and the cats just have an even comfier nights sleep.

Yes we are barking/meowing mad and tired in the mornings.

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine




I’m going to take a trip down memory lane, back to the summer when I had just completed my ‘O’ Levels, a year in which we also moved house.

I had studied way too hard over the previous few months, I’ve always been obsessive about success therefor academia didn’t really bring out the nicer side of my character but the exams were over and I felt that I had reverted to my usual happy-go-lucky self.

The summer stretched out in front of me, it was a great feeling, I still remember that summer as though it was yesterday, so much happened and I’ll tell you all about it one day.

Our pet cat had mysteriously disapeared a month prior to our move and I can still remember searching for her for days on end.

We’d moved to a house on a main road so my dad did not want the responsibility of looking after another animal but he didn’t reckon on my persistence, I just wouldn’t give up. Finally, he caved in and my friend and I were soon on our way to go and purchase a kitten.

We had to fight off an idiotic family in the pet shop to get the one I really wanted but we managed to convince the owner that we had seen ‘Guiness’ first. There was no way they were having my cat, no way.

This was in the days before pet carriers so we had taken a sports holdall to transport her home in. As we disembarked the bus the driver called us back, a young couple had spotted my kitten roaming around on the bus’s back seat, somehow she had escaped from the holdall.

I was shocked at my carelessness but relieved to get my kitten back and that incident taught me to take much more care of the things that I cherish.

What can pets do for us?

Pets tend to bring out the best in people, they take us on face value and can form extremely strong bonds with us.

Our children learn more from them than we could ever imagine. They learn about love, caring, feelings, even how to handle death. A pet will teach your child far more than any teacher can.

Stroking you pet lowers your blood pressure and reduces your stress levels.
Pets do not compete with us and give us unconditional love, therefor they automatically enhance our health and overall weellbeing.

Give your child a pet, the earlier the better and it will improve their outlook on life, it will give them something to care about and will make them become less selfish.

Do not use alergys as a cop-out for not having a pet.

There is an abundance of advice available on the internet on how to handle pet alergys but more than anything else I would never use an alergy as an excuse not to have a pet.

My wife and I are both mildly alergic to our two cats but as long as we keep our house well ventilated it is not a big problem. The plusses of having a pet far outweigh the minuses.

To summarise, the main advantages of owning a pet are:

1. Frienship: they stave off loneliness and give unconditional love.

2. They give our kids a better education than any teacher can.

3. They make our kids care about something other than themselves.

4. They reduce our stress levels.

5. Pets form deep bonds with their owners.

6. They make us exercise.

7. A pet can unite a family.

8. They give our lives structure.

9. Pets improve our mood.

10. They are cute!

One of my company’s clients is an animal sanctuary and the people who work there are just amazing.

If you ever want to take your mind off the hustle and bussle of everday living then take a trip to a animal sanctuary, it has a way of re balancing your perspective on life.