At the age of 7 I finished bottom of my class (35th out of 35 kids) and was classified as special-needs. My parents and grandparents fought the decision and fortunately for me they got the ruling overturned. I was subsequently allowed to move up to the next school year with my friends and classmates and within 6 months I was up to 14th place, within 4 years I was up to 4th and also managed to win a grammar school scholarship, where I finished 1st 3 years running.

I am now a company director and I live and work in Greater Manchester, England. I am happily married to my soulmate and live a life that millions of people can only dream about. I thank my God for my good fortune hundreds of times a day because I am totally convinced that gratitude is a crucial ingredient in acheiving success.

From the age of 17 I developed an interest in personal development. Since then I have read and studied about 1,200 personal development books and listen to about 10 hours per week of in-car personal development CD’s. Yes, I am obsessive and a tough task-master with a notoriously short fuse but I always become successful at everything I put my mind to. The aim of this blog and my website wealthnuggets4u.com is to help people with a desire for self-improvement  realize their full potential.

Regards, Andy.


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