The Unexplained

Posted: March 10, 2011 in different, mysteries, ufo's
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The Unexplained

We have a tendency to dismiss everything we do not understand. Many of the things we take for granted in today’s society would have been considered unthinkable even fifty years ago.

We soon absorb technological wonders into our current reality, without realising how amazing these discoveries and inventions really are.

However, as sophisticated as we like to think we are there are still many things that remain a mystery to us. Hopefully the more of these mysteries we solve the stronger the human race will become.

“Mysteries are due to secrecy.” (Francis Bacon)

Communication is key to success and we have never previously been able to communicate as effectively with one another, the world is definitely becomming a ‘smaller’ place and hopefully we can take advantage of this.

Keeping an open mind on everything is far more productive than cynicism, if we are open-minded we will learn more and at a faster rate, it is vital that our education keeps pace with our technological advancement.

There are many unsolved mysteries including crop circles, out of body experiences and the Mayan prophecy but the most absorbing mystery to mankind has got to be: Wether alien beings exist or not.

Odds are that there are likely to be other intellegences in the universe but wether it is a good idea to try to contact them is another matter.

“Of course it is possible that UFO’s really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the Government is hushing it up.”
(Professor Stephen Hawking)

Perhaps one downside to technology is the fact that the more technologically advanced we become the further we are seperated from the ways and beliefs of our ancient ancestors.

Sometimes the easier things become the less we tend to try. However, If we can combine technological advancement with ancient wisdom and also be a little more tolerent of one another then our future will be bright.

“Mysteries are not necessarily miracles.” (Goethe)


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