There’s something so good and wholesome about nostalgia, it gives us a warm glow and makes us feel better about our lives, but were things really so much better in the past than they are right now?

Of course not, it’s just that we choose to remember things that way. The past is safe, it’s done with, unlike the present it doesn’t hold any uncertainty for us.

Nostalgia is in fact a natural anti-depressant, the brain’s way of giving us a tonic or a pick-me-up. Nostalgia is almost always associated with positive events even when the trigger for the memory is something negative.

Mondays tend to be the day when most people experience nostalgia because as the brain struggles to re-motivate us after the weekend it has to fight against our unwillingness to get back into the work routine. So it’s way of appeasing us is to make us feel happier about our lot by recalling a host of good memories.

I personally don’t like to holiday in the same place twice, apart from wanting to see as much of the world as possible I believe that re-visiting a place can tarnish the original memory, and there’s nothing worse than having your cherished memories shot to peices.

Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling and one that advertisers and marketers exploit to the full. They focus on the prefered era of their target audience and then do all they can to transport us back to it, back to a time when things just seemed to feel better. Once they’ve got us feeling all ga-ga they make an association to their product and they’ve got us. Simples!

We start experiencing feelings of loss and nostalgia from the age of seven, and these feelings effect every single one of us.

As well as making us feel better nostalgia has two other important functions. It helps to create bonds between us and it also boosts an individual’s self-esteem. These two things are vital for producing successful groups, teams and even societies.

Knowing how important nostalgia is you can start putting it to good use in your life, remeniscing with people automatically creates ‘history’ with them even if your memories are totally different and subsequently the bonding process is greatly accelerated.

Even in a short space of time it’s possible to get a broad overview of a person’s character, then by repeating their beliefs and sayings back to them they will automatically start to bond with you. If you are in a sales orientated profession and most of us are at least to some extent, then this is a vital skill to master because people prefer to deal with people who are like THEY are.

Personally, I like looking at really old photographs, there was something great and yet so innocent about the people back then…er sorry, I must stop doing that.

I’ll stop it now.


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