The Art of Feeling Happy

Posted: November 3, 2010 in emotions, happiness, lifestyle, personal-development, social issues
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How many times do we say to ourselves:-

“I’ll be really happy when this or that happens, when I get more money, a better job, perfect partner…” or any number of other things?

Often when people do eventually realise their dreams they don’t make them happy at all in fact in many cases it has the reverse effect. Most lottery winners do not know how to handle their new lifestyles and subsequently their new found wealth makes them miserable.

“All I want is the chance to prove that money wont make me happy!” – Spike Milligan.

Life is too short to put happiness on hold, instead we should concentrate on being happy TODAY.

This state is a lot easier to achieve than you may think. By focusing on actually being happy instead of attaining the things we BELIEVE will make us happy we are short-cicuiting the system.

We are speeding up the process and greatly increasing the chances of attaining true happiness.

Most governments don’t believe that happiness is an important enough subject to merit serious investment or research  but personally, I think it is our biggest desire, everybody wants to be happy, so we should invest as much time and effort as it takes

How can we become happier?

There are lots of things we can do to make us happier but first and foremost we must DECIDE that we are going to BE happy. Most of us spend our whole lives working towards goals of one sort or another but how much time do we invest in trying to feel happier?

Once you have commited your conscious mind to something your subconscious will go into overdrive trying to fulfill that commitment.

This is so important that I’m going to reiterate it. Once you’ve commited to something your whole being will do it’s damndest to bring it about.

Happiness is no exception but if you achieve it, it will bring you the greatest rewards.

Here are some suggestions on how to feel happier.

1. Live your life one day, even one hour at a time.

2. Gratitude; practice being grateful for everything.

3. Smile; Your brain will automatically think you ARE happy.

4. Exercise; This creates endorphins (happy chemicals)

5. Treat yourself at least once a day.

6. Do a good turn for someone or buy someone a present.

7. Spend time with your pets, if you’ve not got one then buy one.

8. Plan a day out or a holiday. (Something to look forward to)

9. Affirmations, “I am BECOMMING happier.” (Doesn’t create conflict)

10. Invest time into becomming happy.

There are lots of things in this world that will remain out of our reach and we will not always achieve our goals.

Happiness is one of the few things that we do have TOTAL control of, external events can only effect our personal lives if we allow them to.

Happiness IS a choice, a way of life.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl. (Holocaust survivor)


  1. individual says:

    SUch a great post! I just started a blog because I’ve been struggling to stay happy and motivated, and this was such a joy to read! I have recently started exercising (#4 on your list), but have yet to make it a habit. I will definitely make a habit of smiling and exercising! Thanks for writing such a positive entry!

  2. Vicky says:

    I’m going to start with number5 🙂

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