Are You Making the Most of Your Life?

Posted: October 14, 2010 in lifestyle, personal-development
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Last Tuesday I was driving home after a late business meeting when I got stuck in heavy motorway traffic. When I called my wife to tell her I would be home late she informed me that a tanker had spilt chemicals on the local by-pass earlier that day and it was still causing massive tailbacks.

I guessed I’d be sat in traffic for at least 30 to 40 minutes longer than usual and began wondering how I could fill the time.

After a couple of minutes contemplation I decided to ‘write’ this article for you. I’ll now take a stab at remembering it:

When we are young everything seems so new and different and the years don’t seem to fly by quite as fast as when we get older.

As we get older a year becomes a smaller and smaller proportion of our overall life, so the years appear to become shorter and shorter…it’s something like that anyway.

Most of us waste so much time in many different ways; We worry too much, we scheme about how to get the better of others, we wish our time away living for the weekend and our holidays.

How many times do we actually STOP and simply enjoy the moment.

John Lennon once said “Life is what happens to us whilst we are busy doing other things.” How true.

What could we do to make more of our lives?

An old colleague of mine once told me that if you want to improve anything then you should start monitoring it. I’ve thought about his advice a great deal over the years and every time I’ve applied it, it’s worked.

I monitor all our bank accounts on a daily basis, I have done for the last five years and this simple little habit has saved us a small fortune but that’s another story.

Monitor it. Journal it, diary it, whatever. Just SLOW IT DOWN and enjoy it.

Don’t live your life one day at a time, live it one hour at a time!

I plan to do a seperate article on this point so I wont elaborate on it here but if you can master this process it will change your whole life.

Are you too wrapped up in yourself?

The answer to this question has got to be a resounding yes, at least for the majority of us. However, even a slight shift away from selfishness and towards selflessness can have a dramatic effect on our lives. Giving really is far more rewarding than receiving and in this golden age of communication giving seems to becomming far more commonplace and that’s got to be a good thing.

Do you take your loved ones for granted?

I believe most of us are guilty of this one as well. APPRECIATION is massive and apart from it making the receiver feel great it will also be repaid to you ten times over, people who you make feel appreciated and loved will automatically do more for you. Everyone knows that but how often do we apply it?

As soon as I think good of someone I tell them. If I can’t tell them in person I’ll ring them or text them. It’s such a good habit to get into.

What do you do when you get in from work?

When you get in from work do not just crash out in front of the TV. This promotes zero interaction within the family. We never watch TV before 8pm, sometimes we don’t watch it at all. We spend at least an hour of an evening just chatting to each other, the TV can wait.

Do you pray?

If you want something then ask for it. Even if you are not religious or you don’t believe in God the mere act of asking for something kickstarts a vital process.

As soon as you ask for something your subconscious mind will start searching for ways to deliver it to you and if you believe in ‘universal consciousness’ (What I personally believe to be God) then you know that it will also start trying to bring about your request.

Whenever you do ask for something it is a good idea to add these words: “This or something better for the good of me, my higher spirit and everyone concerned.”

Prayer is not just for times of trouble it can be UTILISED at any time.

If you don’t believe you are currently making the most of your life, then promise yourself one thing. That you will start TRYING to make the most of it from today.


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