MY Top Ten Tips For Success

Posted: September 30, 2010 in personal-development

1.  See things from other people’s point of view

2.  Perseverence

3.  Have good people around you

4.  Belief

5.  Learn to feel happy around money

6.  Hard work

7.  Pace yourself

8.  Competitiveness

9.  Love and forgiveness

10  Action

Above are the top ten things that have helped me acheive success. I want for nothing but my success has been gained the hard way. I’m quite an easy going person as long as everything is going to plan, I only ever get annoyed when people are not performing to their full potential.

Life is not just about success and there are more important values in life but people around me tend to succeed and that pleases me. I just love that feeling when people come through for themselves, especially when it’s against all the odds.

We all have strenghs and we can all help each other, the biggest part of success is making the first move, once you’ve done that the rest will just flow.

Take care, Regards, Andy.

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