What is Your Definition of Love?

Posted: March 3, 2010 in personal-development

Love is probably the most written and talked about subject of all time. I have had a few long-term, intimate relationships and have met many thousands of people over the course of my lifetime.

I am a company director and personal-development specialist. I’ve had quite a colourful career, including many successes and many spectacular failures. I’ve won many awards but I’ve also done many things in my life that I regret, including drunken brawls, unbelievable tantrums and hurting people that genuinely cared about me.

All this self-indulgence and the desire to escape from it taught me things, if you are willing to listen to me then I will share some of these things with you. The subject I want to discuss today is LOVE.



This is a lot easier than it sounds and it will reflect back on you. Giving is really so easy and so rewarding. Putting other people first will have an amazing effect on you psychologically. Start small, a few coins to charity, small acts of kindness to your partner. Trust me, everything you give you will get back, tenfold.


If you can love unconditionally this will vastly improve your life. Try to expand this love outwards from your immediate family to your friends and beyond, people will soon start to pick up on your new vibe and will start to reciprocate these feelings.


This is not vanity but self-caring, once you really start to love and respect yourself other people will start treating you likewise.


We are all part of the whole and the more each of us contributes the more we all benefit. Most people are good, unfortunately that doesn’t boost ratings or sell newspapers. You cant criticise these establishments, they are just doing there job. However we must focus on the LOVE that exists all around us, furthermore, the more you love something the more it will respond to you.

LOVE is stronger than any other emotion and is the ket to self-mastery.

Regards Andy.

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