Confidence Can be Learned One Small Step at a Time

Posted: March 3, 2010 in personal-development


Often we observe people who appear to have confidence, with envy. However, much of the time these people have simply mastered the art of deception, they can convince us that they are supremely confident when in reality they are actually very insecure.

Confidence comes from within.

Okay. You probably knew that already.

I am a company director and personal-development specialist. I have read and studied well over 1,000 PD books, I have been through the mill of life, exhibited intolerable behaviour at times, drunken brawls, unbelievable tantrums, the whole nine yards.

However, this lifestyle and the desire to change it taught me things, if you are willing to listen then I’d like to share some of them with you. The subject I want to cover today is CONFIDENCE.



This may sound vain but it is anything but. Force yourself to really observe yourself in the mirror for about 10 minutes a day, (you will come up with your own script, in fact, trust me it will write itself) for one week and watch your confidence grow.


Self-praise is absolutely vital for confidence building. We criticise ourselves far too quickly and too often, if you can learn the HABIT of praising yourself over every minor ‘victory’ in your life (using a good word, doing a good job, ANYTHING) your confidence will improve.


Now, if you have never meditated, do not dismiss this. The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool that you posess. Give it commands or ask it questions just before you drop off to sleep. (this is when the conscious mind or the ego/personality has the least grip on us) Also, meditate for about five minutes a day, during waking hours, you will be amazed at the results.


Build your confidence one small step at a time, if currently you are very under confident then set yourself extremely small targets, this way you will not overstretch yourself but you will begin and maintain steady progress.

I hope this article has been of benefit to all my personal-development friends wherever you are.

Don’t stop believing.


Personal-Development Made Easy.

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