Rip Up Your Diet Plan And Loose 15-20% of Your Body Weight

Posted: March 3, 2010 in personal-development


This advice is being given for free and as well as guaranteeing you a 10-15% weight- loss it will also save you a lot of time, effort and money.

The first thing you must do AND although it will involve no effort whatsoever I know it will be a real wrench for some of you because it was for me, is this;


Stop biting your nails, right now. I am getting softer the older I get so if you cannot bear to put them in the bin then just take them out of the bathroom, put them in the loft, in the garage, wherever.

Without being rude I figure that at least 50% of you will not have the willpower to do this and if you do not I am not going to stand in judgement of you. However, the ones of you who do will automatically lose weight, a person’s clothes are the best weight indicator and you will instictively know wether your weight is on track by how they feel on you.

You may also be surprised at my second suggestion for attaining permanant weight-loss but come on you have tried all the conventional ways to lose weight so why not give this a try.

The second thing you must do is this;


Do not panic! All will be revealed.

You see, the problem with dieting is that it focuses the mind on food, thus even the most strong-willed amoungst us will eventually cave in and come off the diet.

What we need to accomplish is a change in lifestyle. I adopted these simple lifestyle changes 8 years ago and lost about 20lbs, a loss that I have sice maintained. I now eat what I want, when I want and never think about diets or dieting whatsoever. You see. we all love to snack and we will do this irrespective of wether we eat an evening meal or not. This is MASSIVE and does not have to be too disciplined either, even one less evening meal a week will have a positive effect on your weight.

Still sit down with the kids, family etc. just do not always eat the meal, if you have made a pan of chilli or pasta do not have a main portion just keep dipping into it throughout the evening, extra snacks are okay as well.

These smaller snack-type portions will fill you up but will constitute a lot less calories than a main meal plus snacks.

Then when the weekend arrives treat yourself and your partner by eating out, main meal only though, if you’ve missed a couple of evening meals that week then you’ve earned it. This experience in itself is good for many reasons and will not impact detrimentally upon your weight.

We are creatures of habbit and you will be surprised at how soon you get used to skipping your main evening meal.

The next thing you must do is this;


If you cannot be bothered with fruit then fruit juice (not orange juice though-tomato juice is best) is just as effective and after a gap of about 20 minutes you can still have your normal breakfast, just do not do it the opposite way around because fruit on an empty stomach is good for you but fruit on a full stomach is not. This is due to chemical reactions that occur in our stomachs, also never have fruit as a dessert but as a starter.


However, Do not thank me for it you will have earned it. Take care.

If this article works for you then distribute it and give my website a plug.

Regards Andy.

Personal-Development Made Easy.

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